2023 9th Annual 32 Gun Raffle Winners

October 09 Regina Reeson Ridgeway, WI
October 10 Gabe James Mineral Point, WI
October 11 Gary Caygil Livingston, WI
October 12 Mary Jo Bystol Dodgeville, WI
October 13 Jake Diley New London, WI
October 16 Dave Schrader Fennimore, WI
October 17 Ryan Krugger New Glarus, WI
October 18 Paul McCarville Mineral Point, WI
October 19 Mike Vossberg Cuba City, WI
October 20 Jacob Harnish Sauk City, WI
October 23 Michael Shaben Potosi, WI
October 24 Chris Mitchell Mineral Point, WI
October 25 Tanner Sullivan Ridgeway, WI
October 26 Michele Hughes Mineral Point, WI
October 27 Landon Mckenley Mineral Point, WI
October 30 Mitchell Kautz Belmont, WI
October 31 Trevor Rice Blanchardville, WI
November 1 Dave Gollon Dodgeville, WI
November 2 Joe Ripp Mineral Point, WI
November 3 Josh Taylor Mineral Point, WI
November 6 Tim Austin Ridgeway, WI
November 7 John Johnson Avoca, WI
November 8 Walley Schwartz Dodgeville, WI
November 09 Chris Follomer Dodgeville, WI
November 10 Joe Heltemes Mount Horeb, WI
November 13 Jean Steffes Mineral Point, WI
November 14 Julie Cassidy Mineral Point, WI
November 15 Bob Ludlum Mineral Point, WI
November 16 Brandon Bawden Mineral Point, WI
November 17 Dean Reddell Dodgeville, WI
November 23 Brian Peck Madison, WI
November 23 Mike McVay Mineral Point, WI


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All 2023 Proceeds will go towards Fire Truck Payment