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History of the Mineral Point Fire Department

Fire service to the city of Mineral Point and the surrounding area was unofficially formed by volunteers who formed two separate departments, rural and city sometime prior to 1835, and provided protection on a catch as catch can basis for the better part of the century. Their equipment for the most part, was made locally, and consisted of a ladder wagon, hose cart, and a teeter pump.

In 1898, the city of Mineral Point incorporated the two departments, and on a gentlemen's agreement between the two parties, fire protection service was established for the city as well as the adjoining rural areas.

Today, the department is staffed with 34 volunteers on active duty, and 12 honorary retired member who are subject to call in major incidents.

Following a fire and explosion in 1964 that severely damaged the firehouse and four trucks, the city built a new station. The current fleet consists of two city-owned pumper/ladder trucks. The rural department consists of two pumper/tankers; a 2,000 gallon tanker; a 4x4 mini-pumper as a first-response companion to the fully equipped rescue van.

In addition to the city of Mineral Point, the department covers the villages of Jonesdale, Waldwick, and mutual aid to Linden. It also covers parts of the seven surrounding townships with over 550 farms, covering approximately 200 square miles and a population total on nearly 4,600 people.

Averaging 80-90 calls annually, the major portion of emergency responses are to situations such as structure fires, grass fires, and vehicle and machinery accidents, which frequently require the use of the "Jaws of Life" or other special equipment. The average response time from the time the call comes in to vehicle roll-out, is approximately 3 minutes. Members also attend 12 meetings and 24 drills in the department per year. Volunteers are on-call 24-hours per day, 7 days per week, and 365 days a year. Weekday, weekend or holiday, we are here to serve and protect you.

The department is also active in various community functions - parades, the flagraise on Main Street, fire prevention programs at the schools, public education programs, county-wide disaster drills, and mutual aid with the other departments in the 20-mile radius. The many hours of training and participation, in these services often total much more than part-time, but the rewards are the pride and satisfaction of a job well done.

Station Phone 608-987-3020
All emergencies call 911
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